Dairy Tours

Dairy Tours

Visiting our dairy

Come join us for a tour of our family farm! You will be able to see first-hand how our milk is produced, learn about the importance of local agriculture, and get a glimpse into a day in the life of a dairy farmer. There is sure to be excitement for all ages.

Learn about our feeding process


Our cows are treated to special meals each day. Learn how our nutritionist creates their delicious diet using only the best ingredients. 

Feed and pet our cute baby calves

Get a chance to visit with our newest members of the farm. You will be able to watch them take their first steps and even help feed them!

Visit our modern cross-vent barn

petting cow 4

Step into our luxurious cross-vent barn to see where our cows eat and sleep. This “five-star” barn helps keep our ladies cool and comfy year-round.


The tour begins at 9:30 am, but we recommend you be there 10 – 15 minutes before the start of the tour. We will start at our bottling plant where you will meet our plant manager, Andrew. Unfortunately, due to food safety regulations we can’t walk through all parts of the plants; however, you will be able to see important areas of our plant including the tank bay, processing room and our bottle filler!

After the plant tour, everyone will load up in their own cars and take a short 10-15 minute drive to our dairy to begin the second part of the tour. We will arrive between 10:30 – 11:00 am. At our dairy you will see all different processes, from how our cows are fed to how our calves are born. You will also get the chance to see how the cows are milked and where they live. The dairy tour will wrap up around 12:30 pm, depending on how many questions you have during it.

To finish the tour, we will head back to the plant where you can buy our farm fresh milk and enjoy your own lunch on the picnic tables located in the pasture in front of the plant!

How does it work?

Please remember that this is a working farm; therefore, all tours are accompanied by a guide so there will not be interference with our cows’ daily routine. We want to keep our ladies happy and healthy!

We recommend wearing tennis shoes or comfortable shoes for the tour, which may become a bit dirty depending on the weather and where we walk.

We advise to leave your pets at home so that our ladies won’t be disturbed when they try to rest (and so they won’t roll in the manure, which will make your way home a little annoying).  

If you want to visit our dairy with a large group (schools, companies,…) you can contact us at info@vollemansdairy.com and we can arrange a special tour.

Every month we will give one dairy tour with a maximum 40 people in the group. However, if we see that this isn’t enough, we will start offering more options. 

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