Family Farm

No big corporation here, just a family working together to make the best products possible.


Full traceability from the grass in the field to the milk in your glass.


Helping reduce plastic waste one glass bottle at a time.

High Quality Milk

We work hard every day to make sure only the highest quality milk ends up on your table.


Brought to you from the heart of Texas.

Animal Welfare

Lounging in the shade, full buffet, and even pedicures, our cows health is our top priority.

As a local family business, we want to be open to all our well-loved consumers. That is why we show a new part of our processes regulary. Follow the Dairy Dialogue to see how your farm fresh milk comes from our family to yours.

Whole milk

2% milk

Chocolate Milk

strawberry Milk

cappuccino milk

Texas Homemade Vanilla milk

Pumpkin Spice Milk


Banana Cream milk

Root beer Milk

Blueberry Milk

Butter pecan milk

heavy cream

half & half

orange juice


blueberry lemonade

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